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About this package

Our ecommerce website package is a combination of our Search Engine Friendly CMS system with a store and shopping cart system that has been developed by Penticton Web Design to index well in search engines.

You can add your own inventory and descriptions of your products. We place no limits on the number of items in your store. Our store uses PayPal as its payment gateway so all you need do is sign up for a free PayPal account to start accepting credit cards and selling your products.

This package comes with 10 professionally designed webpages that will allow you to furnish information about your company and products, with an auto updating sitemap and many other search engine friendly features.

Penticton Web Design offers a cost effective web maintenance service that always includes the most up to date technology and professional webmaster to keep your site up to date and operating at its best. This can include adding products to your store, new pages, blog posts, social networking.

Let us know what you need and we will develop a plan that will keep your site functioning as well as the rest of your business.

Original Custom designed website

We do not use templates or pre-designed sites. All Penticton Web Design's websites are unique and custom designed based upon in person, phone or email consultation with our clients.

Unlimited products in your store

We don't make you pay extra for adding items to your store, it can grow as your business grows with no hidden fees.

10 professionally designed custom SEO user friendly web pages

Text or content supplied by owner. If you are having difficulty thinking of what to write we can have your content written by a professional content writer after a phone or email interview.

Free sitemap and Contact form

A web site map is a great way for your clients to find what they want easily and generates internal links to pages on your site. Your contact form can have up to 7 fields and includes a security number to reduce spam.

50 Products added to your store

This package includes 50 products. If you want us to add more then 50 products we will quote for the extra products.

We also offer full maintenance and store management - what this means to you is that you can contract us to add all the products and attributes to your store, all you need do is send us the images, prices and corresponding descriptions and sit back while Penticton Web Design fills your store with your products.

Custom designed banner or logo

Banner and logo designs are always customized for individuals, we do not use templates. If you already have a logo that you would like updated it will be included as part of this package.

Domain Name Registration & Setup Assistance

We offer good solid SEO advise on the best domain name for your website and will make suggestions for which registrars are best for the type of domain name you wish to use. Our service includes assisting you to configure your domain name to point towards your new website on our servers.

8 free stock photos for use on your website

We can chose these images for you or let you pick them yourself.

XML sitemap for search engines

This is an internal xml (or text file) file placed within your site that lists all the pages in your website. It is a tool used by SEOs and webmasters to help search engines find all of the pages on your website.

Parked or add-on domain

This is an additional domain name (registered by you) configured to access your website (optional). Example: and go to the same website. If you are thinking about buying an additional domain our we can help you on what might be a good alternative domain name.


This is a fully branded blog designed to compliment your new website design; blog design will be completed after your website is live.

RSS feeds on website from blog

If you already have a working blog, or we install a blog at your request we can add a live feed to any or all pages of your website that constantly updates to the headline of your latest blog post!

You can have as many as 8 updating links on your site

Blog feeds are an excellent way to keep fresh content adding to your website content.

Complete website maintenance services

Penticton Web Design also offers complete website maintenance services if you would prefer your website to be updated by professionals. This service can be adding products and maintaining your store and/or website as well as all other projects that are related to maintaining your website.

Project completion estimate: 3-4 weeks

1st Week: Our content manager will interview you via phone/email (your preference) or in person and develop a design that suits your needs and taste.

2nd Week: Supplying your own content and text you will be asked to send the information to us via email in word. Once we have page content we will begin adding the page content, images and forms to your site and implementing the site navigation.

3rd Week: Training and assistance in how your store operates. Adding products and inventory to your store, adding relevant products to existing inventory, assistance in setting up your PayPal account and generally making certain that all is running smoothly.

Project completion time frames are based upon several things, Good communication and feedback/approval of design and page layouts by our clients. How much stock or inventory you are adding to your store.

NOTE: Time frames are subject to change if you opt to customize your package with various add-on options such as photo galleries, portfolios and other web based applications added to your website.

Content writing

Professional web page text and content based upon input from you We offer both single page copywriting and packages for groups of pages.

Photo Gallery

Add a gallery of photos for your friends family or clients.

Custom Graphics

Website graphics illustrating details of your product or business for use on your website. Banners, buttons and all forms of web advertising graphics.


Search engine optimization can be a very effective way to bring clients to your website. Penticton Web Design always builds SEO friendly web pages

Additional pages

We can add additional pages to any website on request. The cost for additional web pages averages $50 for a website we have built, although we do offer package prices for groups of 5 or more pages.

Custom built functions and applications

This can be something as simple as adding social media comment widgets (such as twitter or Facebook links) to something like adding a portfolio, a photo gallery, real estate listings, hotel bookings or any other type of application needed to make your website as functional and user friendly as possible.

Ecommerce Store Upgrade

Your website can be upgraded to a full featured Search engine friendly store complete with shopping cart and PayPal payment gateway.

Portfolio Upgrade

A web based portfolio is ideal for artists, photographers, designers, dentists, real estate agents, and anyone that needs a way to show off their work or showcase items.


At the beginning of your project we require a deposit of 70% of the total project cost. Final payment will be due upon completion of your website and final approval; as soon as payment is final your website goes live. Penticton Web Design accepts checks, PayPal and hyperWallet System.

Design Process

When you contract our design services we will send you an email with questions regarding what you want your website to accomplish, the look or feel you want it to convey and several other design and development questions that are be relevant to your project. Often we will follow up with a phone call or second email to clarify your answers or requests for customizations you may have asked about.

After we are satisfied we know what you want your designer will begin the process of developing the look of your website.

Your designer will send you a graphic image based upon our interviews with you. You will be asked if you would like changes to the way it looks and sometimes your designer will suggest changes that will enhance the way your site looks and functions. As soon as the design is approved by you the actual web site and pages will be built. You will be sent a link to the building site and asked if you want any changes made.

When you are completely satisfied with the way your website looks final payment will be requested and your site will be uploaded and live.